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What's Special About Athletic Science?

We help all athletes at any level.

Novice Athletes, parents and first time instructors. Our professional players and coaches can walk a new pitcher through the steps of pitching mechanics and pitching grips to help you learn to pitch. We have coaches to help beginners in all sports, from experienced basketball coaches teaching dribbling basics to college volleyball coaches teaching the basics of a volleyball serve.

Our coaches can help intermediate athletes get to the next level. Any of our college athletes or college coaches can provide the steps to help you stand our during games. Our team of sports coaches can help you prepare for tryouts for travel teams, middle school or high school sports teams. Whether you're looking to improve your vertical leap or become more consistent throughout, we have coaches that can help you.

Elite high school athletes that want to look good for a college recruiter or refine their motion for recruiting videos can meet with scouts and college coaches who have experience analyzing recruiting video and reviewing college recruits. Coaches can breakdown your motions at 1/30th of a second and recommend tweeks that the human eye can't see by itself. Prepare your skills to stand out before leaping inot the recruiting process.

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Year-Round Private Spots Coaching

Pre-Season let our sports coaches analyze your skills and recommend specific sports drills to help you stand out at tryouts. Our coaches can provide a pre-season training schedule for you to hit homeruns instead of pop-ups

In-Season our caoches can be with you at every game. Send in footage from a high school game and using our expedite feature your lesson could be available by the time you get home. Schedule and geographical restrictions are huge challeges during the in-season. Now you can have a private coaching lesson from the best coaches in the world without travel or scheduling hurdles. Best of all, your lessons are cloud based so you can view your lessons before practice or games. You can even share your lesson with your coach so there is better consistency of communication between you and your coaches.

Off-Season is the best time to make changes. Not only can you work with sports specific coaches, you can also send in your video an athletic trainer. Our athletic trainers can work with you at a fraction of the cost for traditional personal training. They will design an off-season sports specific athletic training program for individuals or entire teams. With weekly check-ins and focussed effort from the athlete you will see improvements in your speed, agility and power.

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Some Buzz

"I review lessons before every game and practice on my phone or iPad. This was my first year at the college showcase level and I couldn't be happier with the results!" - Maddie

"I saved $30 a week, not to mention the hours of driving we eliminated. Even better, we turned the saved commuting time into extra practice sessions." - Nicole

"The personalized instruction was great! The feedback I got, combined with the drills, is already making a difference." - Lenny

"I felt like a weight had been lifted when I found a way to help my son prepare for our town's travel team that didn't involve carting my four children back and forth to an expensive facility. It was an amazing feeling watching his confidence at tryouts and his pride when he made the team." - Genevieve

"The technology is amazing!" - Paul

Coach Of The Month

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  • carlos castillo
  • Florida
  • Baseball
  • Carlos Castillo I played 18 years of pro baseball. I was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1994 in the 3rd ....

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